There is a distinct advantage to focusing our resources on New Jersey and the very carefully selected sites that we have developed. It makes it easier to focus on our customers. It makes it easier to provide more personal service to them. Our core business allows us to concentrate solely on assisting our clients in every aspect of their needs. This includes our continuing assistance, our continuing relationships.

There is a distinct advantage to being privately held. We answer to no one but ourselves and our clients. We recognize that value and investment potential are critical goals of real estate development and here especially is where our expertise and integrity become invaluable to them. Our understanding of the marketplace is shared and discussed with each customer in as much detail as necessary for their reassurance and security. Our understanding of the strategic locations, the sites and the buildings is vital to the ultimate success we want to share with you. Our objective – our ultimate focus -- is to build long-term associations based on firm and enduring commitments.

Forsgate Industrial Partners: Your partner.