Our Company

Forsgate Industrial Partners is a family-owned real estate development and investment company specializing in industrial and logistics properties. Headquartered in Teterboro, New Jersey, Forsgate owns and manages a portfolio of over 10 million square feet of industrial real estate assets across New Jersey. The company focuses on creating state-of-the-art distribution centers, warehouses, and logistics facilities to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses in the rapidly changing landscape of e-commerce and supply chain management.

Forsgate Industrial Partners is known for its strategic approach to real estate development, often collaborating with tenants to tailor solutions that optimize their operational efficiency. The company's expertise lies in identifying key locations for industrial facilities and delivering high-quality buildings. Forsgate's commitment to innovation and adaptability in response to market trends positions it as a significant participant in the industrial real estate sector, contributing to the growth and optimization of logistics and distribution networks for various industries.